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Eye Examinations in Bowling Green, Ohio

Take care of your eyes—schedule a comprehensive vision exam at the office of Dr. David H. Scherreik. A comprehensive exam helps determine an accurate prescription and provides an assessment of your overall eye health.
As part of your complete vision examination, Dr. Scherreik will test for glaucoma, examine your eyes for cataracts, corneal disease, retinal disease and other issues that may impair your vision now or in the future.Specialized care is also available for patients with diabetes and its potential vision related concerns.
Eye Doctor and Patient - Doctor and Patient in Bowling Green, OH

Urgent Care

Urgent eye care is available when you need it for red eyes, eye pain, vision loss or other problems that can seriously affect your vision. Contact Dr. Scherreik at 419-352-3882
Contact Dr. David H. Scherreik at (419) 352-3882 in Bowling Green, Ohio,
to learn more about our extensive eye examinations and optometric services.